Posted On March 8, 2010

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I blew it right from the start! ha ha
Thank goodness I’m forgiven and I can restart as necessary!
Today (technically) stats Nick’s last week of Winter quarter, the kids are asleep and I thought I would stay up and clean some. That didn’t happen either! I’ve rearrange the furniture amongst the mess though! =o)
Some things that have been going on with us:
Grace has taken the WJ III test and we are VERY pleased with her scores. We don’t want to go into great detail, but she is being successfully homeschooled and has a passing score (the one the State requires her to be at or above to continue at home).

With this excitement in our home I am encouraged to continue on with homeschool next year and am looking forward to making my own curriculum.

Our base curriculum is all inclusive but I am looking forward to putting my own together next year.
So far I have made out a list of “subjects” that I will cover each week to accommodate what is going on around us (with a little play to fudge a week here or there if something else comes up and we decide to go in a different direction).

I am also trying to compile a list of curriculum to use for our 3R’s. I don’t want something very serious, but I like what Abeka offers. I don’t want to lock into a kit again, but I am on the prowl for certain books in certain subjects. What impresses me the most is that Abeka encourages cursive at K!!

Like Nick keeps reminding me “we can teach her quantum-physics if we want to!” OK! Cursive it is! =o)

On the family front, Nick and I adopted a small puppy. A new doxy that the kids have named everything from cupcake, Rose & Brownie to Trudy, Baby puppy & Laree…..we have finally settled on Tootsie! She is adorable and a nice addition to our little family!

I’ve also been trying to organize our little home a bit better. This includes the bed time and chores. With any luck I will have more time to blog and update at the end of each day!

Have a great (day) all out there!

The Taflan Family


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