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Posted On March 11, 2010

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I have finally mastered my list of topics for next year. I ordered the ‘Well Planned Day’ from Home Educating Family Magazine. I bought a spiral-bound one and am excited to be able to use all the features in the organizer: Weekly schedule, month at a glance, menu planning, family worship/read through the Bible in a year and enough room to plan for 4 children. Not that I have 4 children, but I can keep track of Grace, Trey and Nick’s schedule. =)

I also think I’m adding SONLIGHT to our list of curriculum. I like a few things about Abeka and still have them in the running … but I really like the History and Bible that Sonlight offers.

Narrowing down where I’m going to pull my lessons from is really helping me out! So far I have:

Topics ~ me

Math ~ Math-u-see (Nick was REALLY impressed with the new way to learn Math…though we might have to switch it up later on since MUS doesn’t touch on fractions for a while and I want to go with Lifer Of Fred eventually!)

Science & Writing ~ Abeka & Holy Cow Science experiments

History & Bible ~ Sonlight

Phonics ~ Whatever we like at the Library and matches with our weekly topic.

Trey ~ Going to re-order worksheets for MFWK. He caught on to so many things Grace was doing last year that I don’t see any reason to make him wait on curriculum. Even if we repeat the K program a few times with him, I think it will be worth it to start him next year! =o)

Music will also be a part of our curric next year. We’ve played around with our recorders this year and are starting to learn notes, but Grace is really interested in the guitar. Might as well give it a whirl.

Art ~ daily projects at home and of course our awesome clay class at Tuttle

“GYM” ~ Gymnastics, dance and hockey will round out our gym time as official studies…tho you never know WHAT will come up!

Elective ~ Grace really enjoyed doing Girl Scouts this year, so we will continue with our homeschool troupe next year and we will stick with Campfire and ECHO as well. We really enjoy our homeschool group! They are the best mamas and kids! ❤ Grace has also enjoyed Columbus Children's Theatre classes. So that is on our list of electives too.

Off for a busy day! There is a young boy in our church who is sick…his parents think his time is getting shorter….maybe today will be his last day with his disease. I can't imagine what his parents must be feeling. He is 8 and he has had nevus since he was born…so they've been dealing with it for a while. The disease it taking over little Riley's body. I'm sure there is a relief that he won't have to battle with it anymore, but no one wants to let their little one go. My heart aches for them. =(


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