Count your blessings ~ Name them one by one

Posted On March 31, 2010

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In talking with my grandmother today and relaying all of the great things that have been going on in the Taflan household she recommended I start a “Blessing Journal”.

What a great idea! And a great place to keep it going is here on our homeschool blog!

My blessings for this week:

~3 FREE 30 gallon sized bags FILLED with girl clothes. Lots of fancy name brand hardly worn. Grace tears through clothes and since we are on a budget, clothes are the one thing that we fluff off. I shop Goodwill and consignment sales for kids clothes. Even then our budget is not extravagant and has to be spread between all 5 of us. Grace now has plenty of clothes to make it until next winter!

~Nick found out the date of his White Coat Ceremony. Having this date (June 11) so close is so exciting! Nick receiving his white coat is a big milestone for our family. It has been almost 5 years since Nick and I were driving home from Bellaire to Indiana and Nick confided in me that he wanted to go back to school and become an Optometrist. It was a HUGE leap of faith and a whole lotta trusting in God for us to start this journey together. The last 5 years have been hard, no doubt. I once had a family member tell me that
“there is no way they would want our life”. It made me sad to hear that. Yes, our road is not paved in gold and has not always been smooth, but our life, is a life of purpose and a life built on faith, love and family. Nick and I have learned who we can lean on and who we can’t live without. It is a HUGE blessing to have made it this far. June 11~his White Coat Ceremony! =o) We don’t know how many family members can make it here, but we will be celebrating our little hearts out!

~We have the bestest friends ever! That is a HUGE blessing! God led us back to Bellaire to gain residency in Ohio and we had no idea that He also had other reasons for that move. Grace wanting to start gymnastics led us to Tumblin Tots…which ended up NOT being a tumbling class, but a play class. It wasn’t at all what we were looking for, but we stayed anyway. And within that year we met Jamie and Steve Thomas, who at that time only had Emily…Grace’s age. Over the last (almost) 3 years they have added Maddie B and we have added Nater. We try to get together once a month and have upped our friendship to not just sharing germs together but holidays as well!  ha ha ha

And there it is. My 3 blessings for the week! ♥

So many different personalities and yet we are still blessed


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