There once was a Bullfrog named Elliot

Posted On June 25, 2010

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=o) Nick and I purchased a Bullfrog tadpole from the pet store last week. We thought the kids would LOVE to see the metamorphosis that he would make when he turns into a frog! After much debate we have decided that we would call him Elliot.

Having no prior tadpole experience I assumed this transformation would happen very quickly!! I’ve had the kids documenting Elliot’s growth everyday and every morning I hear “Mom! He’s still a fish! He doesn’t have legs OR arms!” as they stalk out of the kitchen with their heads down!

While talking with another homeschool mama about Elliot, I realized that I *probably* should do some research about how Elliot should grow and when I need to switch him to a tank with land and water! Some might say that this little tidbit of information should have been done prior to adopting a bullfrog tadpole…but we Taflan’s like to live on the edge! We spontaneously go from pet shop to pet shop randomly buying tadpoles we know nothing about!! Muah-ha-ha-HA! =O)

Uh. Ahem! So my deep factual research on Elliot has brought me to this conclusion: Our Elliot Growth Journal is going to be several pages thick and maybe we should order some butterfly larvae in the meantime to watch metamorphose!! Poor Elliot will be a tadpole for another 6 months to 2 YEARS!!


“Oh yeah!” I said to the kids. “Let’s buy a tadpole!” I turn to Nick as the kids ‘WOOT’ up and down the pet shop. “It’ll sprout legs and we’ll take it to Pickerington Ponds when it turns into a Bullfrog! It’ll be the easiest pet ever! We’ll have it, for what? 2 months? Tops!”

“HA HA HA!” I laugh and say to past Audrey!! ‘You were wrong!”

So anyway. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow and will try to update along the way! You can watch Elliot grow along with us!


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