Monday,Monday…so good to me!

Posted On June 28, 2010

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This morning we woke up to find that our Wacky Watermelon party was cancelled due to rain. Although we are sad we are enjoying the rain because it helps make our garden grow! We *FINALLY* got our mato plants into the ground last night! So the rain is very welcomed this morning!

We are still anticipating a trip downtown to the Main Library to see Peter Rushton (the reptile guy)! Peter came to one of our homeschool meetups last fall and Grace and Trey LOVED his little critters! Grace held a TARANTULA last time we saw him!!!  

This morning I also had a homeschool friend from ECHO pass along information regarding free handwriting pages. I have already made a bookmark for this page for easy access to it throughout the school year and I even printed a few off now just to play with. Follow this link
to print off your own pages! You can even type in the words that you want to use so that your child can do copy work! I think this is super great for Grace! She loves practicing handwriting and we are going to start having spelling words this year…so a win-win for both of us!

Finally, last night Nathaniel decided that he wanted to try walking again! He was walking very well until his little body was hit hard with several earaches in a row.

As long as this works I hope to leave you with a little video of our little man taking some big steps!

Happy Monday!


One Response to “Monday,Monday…so good to me!”

  1. Olyvia

    Love watching Nate takes some steps! His mouth hanging open is cute 🙂 Have fun with the reptile guy – sounds fun!

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