Lesson plannin’ had me a blast

Posted On June 29, 2010

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Today I let Nicholas take the van to work with him. It has air conditioning for his long drive and I don’t need it to go anywhere today.

I have plans today that keep me at home anyway. I hope to complete the majority of my lesson plans for the fall. Grace (and Trey too…but mainly Grace) is already working on Math and Science over the summer to get her a bit more ahead for the school year. I have a Math, Science and Phonics curriculum to follow and I already have my themes worked out too. Yesterday at the library I picked up some really awesome books to give me some activity ideas that go along with my different Unit Studies. With any luck by this evening I will have everything laid out and photocopied and ready to go for August!

In between my housework and lesson plans I have to try to get in a cardio workout! I hurt my toe on Sunday (I can hear Nick now, “Don’t you know your toes are ATTACHED to you? How can you always bang them into things?!”). I was walking into a store and I pulled the door over and into my last 2 toes. The one 2nd to last was cut open and by yesterday morning was swollen and bruised. It felt much better this morning, but the thought of slipping on a sneaker and running on it made me sick to my stomach. Nick did get his run in this morning and I will run by myself tomorrow.

So speaking of Sunday…we took some GREAT pictures of the kids! Grace is more photogenic than the boys, but we got some great shots from everyone! *Keep in mind these have not yet been edited. They are SOOC (straight out of camera)*

Well, that’s it for today! The kids have finished breakfast and we are getting out the pool on the patio until our big pool opens! Have a super day!


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