Forever? And Always!

Posted On July 6, 2010

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A ring is a circle that has no breaks. It is never ending. It is eternal forever. The ring is the symbol for marriage: Never ending. Un-dieing. Forever the way our love for each other is.

In the commotion of all of the Lake events on Saturday, Nicholas lost his wedding band.

I can’t help feeling so sad over losing this little piece of ‘us’. In 2001 when we picked out our wedding bands we wanted something simple and yet unique. We had the jeweler create our bands with a diamond in the underside of the band. A little quarter carat that only we would be able to see. Not facing outward for the world to see, but tucked away safe and sound against our fingers. Our rings didn’t just match, they went together.

My band was engraved “Forever” while Nick’s matching band stated “Always”. Our never ending question of “Forever? Always!” close to our hearts and souls until eternity.

Our rings are our physical acknowledgment of our love for each other. They went on our fingers almost 8 years ago in front of  our friends, our family and God. I want to die with the very same ring on my finger that Nick gave me on that day. No other  ring could ever replace mine.

To us, they were never a piece of jewelry, but something that connected us even when apart.

There have been greater things to grieve and worry about over this past weekend than our missing ring, but I do feel heartbreak over it’s loss. I feel like another ring is just a replacement. It will never be the ring that was blessed in front of us and it will never be the same ring that I slipped onto his trembling hand.

In the scheme of things it was just a piece of metal. We can have it remade to duplicate the one lost forever in the bottom of Grayson Lake. The new band will hold new memories and a story about a crazy day boating in Kentucky with friends! Our connection is not held together by a band of gold. We are committed to each other ‘Forever & Always’ with or without a wedding band.


2 Responses to “Forever? And Always!”

  1. jamie thomas

    He saved a life! Not that makes things better. Steve said that the girl had given up and wasnt doing anything to save herself. Had they not been there there would be more than a ring at the bottom of the lake. The whole crazy situation had kept me up for nights. I keep playing the what ifs over and over. That ring is one thing that keeps eating at me too. We cant replace that ring but we’ll think of something. Does your engagment ring have more than one stone. you said you needed it reset or something. i was thinking if it had an extra stone you could take one out and make nick a new ring. They saved someones baby. Our babies were on the tube too it could have been our baby.

    • niknus

      *sniff* *sniff* I know! I know in the scheme of things, it’s just a ring…so it’ll be okay! That’s a GREAT idea though about the stones! My engagement ring does need re-set ~ that would be great to add one of my stones in his new ring!
      The ‘what-ifs’ eat at me too! I can’t think of what if it had been our babies. Nick made him self sick last night going through the ‘this is what I would do if it were Grace and I in the water with a boat coming at us’. There were a few not so pleasant outcomes. What I find hard is re-explaining it to people. Grandma called today and I thought mom told her about Saturday so I said, “I’m not coming in because I’m still shaken up about what happened to us.” She had no idea and it’s awkward to tell it all again. =/ Anyway!
      I think I might skip tubbing for a while. How about next 4th we go to Olegebay? Stay on land and away from speeding objects?! =o)

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