We’re so HOT!

Posted On July 16, 2010

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H.O.T (House of Tafan) not HOT (Although it has been very warm in Columbus the last few days).

A few days ago I got to thinking about where I wanted our blog to go. I LOVE that I can write about homeschool stuff and keep friends and family updated about our on-goings.

But our kids are not the only ones who have things going on! We are a busy, busy family!

3 kids, a hubby in Optometry School (he’s an Opt 2 now!!) 2 dogs, 1 hairy fluffy cat, a tank full of fish, a growing bullfrog and a Mama who is forever attempting to do it all! WHEW! I’m exhausted just READING that!

I decided on H.O.T. after reading a VERY cool blog about a family (mostly a mama) who does it all too for her family. She mostly blogs about crafts and cooking. But the name of her blog was “HOH”  (House of Hepworths) and I just fell in LOVE with that idea!

The majority of my posts so far *have* been about our family (all of us) and our day-to-day adventures! We never have a boring day in The Taflan House!

So that’s it! Our permalink will still be ‘ taflanchristianacademy.wordpress.com ‘ but our new Title will change to ‘House of Taflan’.

So sit back and enjoy a little bit of our house in yours!


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