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Posted On July 21, 2010

Filed under Kids, Life

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Nicholas has today off. Even though we have errands to do this is the 1st day he’s had off that we didn’t have someone visiting us! So, I get to be selfish and have him all to myself~well, the kids too! =o)

Today’s thrilling agenda:

~Title for the Mercedes switched over so that insurance can pay us.~

~Goodwill for a new nightstand for our bedroom and another attempt at looking for a new dinette set. I have these visions of a nice square table that I can refinish and some funky -but sturdy- chairs that I can also refinish and add some nice fabric to.~

~Going over to the office to inquire about a 3 bedroom (we are busting at the seems here! And before Nick graduates we would like to add one more blessing to our family! Not sure where we put him/her! ha ha)~

~New pants for Nick. We have both lost weight over the last month and neither of us can keep our pant up! I got a few pairs yesterday (only 2…I’m hoping to drop another size before Fall weather hits) and now it’s Nick’s turn.~

~Kenjockety Girl Scout Camp in Galloway with Grace tonight at 6pm! Her first camp expierience! We will be going just for the evening, but it should be fun!~

Have a Blessed day!



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