Our first week went great!

Posted On September 6, 2010

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I sat down to post SO many times last week and each time I did something else came up.

Last week our topic was ‘Family/Self’. We learned about our family tree, our bodies, our personality and all the wonderful way that God made us different and special!

‘I am wonderfully made!’ -Psalm 139

We’ve eased our way back into school this year. I have planned on Monday’s being our ‘slow’ days. Have you ever enjoyed the weekend SO much and when Monday comes you just wish you could go back a day or two instead of jumping back into your daily grind? Well, we decided to avoid that! =o) Our Mondays are reserved for our ECHO (Explore Columbus Homeschool Organization) meet-ups and extra activities. Whether it’ll be grocery shopping, baking cookies or dinner, playing at a friends house or an impromptu trip to an indoor playground our Mondays will have one thing in common~They will be fun and stress free! I can’t think of a better way to start a week!

Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Grace (and Trey) journaling (in addition to other things!) Tuesdays Grace and Trey will sit down with their journal books and will journal about a topic that I have given to them. Thursdays (for Grace) will be a little bit more free style, as she can write about whatever she wants. The catch? It’ll be here. On our homeschool blog. I love this idea! It’ll give her a chance to use the computer, work on spelling and most importantly learn to type! Media and computers are a way of living these days. Knowing how to type and work independently on the computer are going to be great tasks for her to learn.

This week we take our school on the road. We are heading to Bellaire for the week~leaving tomorrow. We were going to leave on Wednesday evening, but I thought the kids would like to have a night at my grandma’s since this trip we will be staying with Grama & PopPop Taflan.

We start our journey into history as we will start to read ‘The Story of the World’ by Susan Bauer.

Our main topic this week is colors and shapes. Grace knows her colors and her shapes so we are working on mixing colors, reading/spelling color names and all the different ways we can use our tangrams and building blocks. The kids already love to use their imagination to make different pictures with the tangrams so this week will be a lot of fun! =o)

Hope everyone has a fantastic week! We’re packing the van and cleaning the house today…that’s never very much fun.


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