What’Snooo with You?

Posted On October 6, 2010

Filed under Homeschool, Life

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I’ve been trying so hard to log into our blog and update daily. But it just doesn’t happen. Maybe tomorrow? ha ha

So what have we been up to?

Nicholas has been attending school and has Wednesdays off. Because he wants to be able to spend all Wednesdays with us he stays late the rest of the week. It’s no fun being a SAHM during the week, but it’s worth it for ‘Daddy Wednesday’!

Grace is learning her skip counting. She can now do her 10’s & 5’s! Last week we attending the Ohio Renaissance Festival and had a lot of fun with friends learning new things. We are pushing through with our school work every day. I, of course, have my ‘mommy moments’. ‘Am I teaching her everything she needs to know?’ ~ ‘Could I have done more today?’ ~ ‘Am I doing the right thing by keeping her at home?’ Uh! I hate those moments. I know that I am doing the right thing  and that she is where she needs to be for who she is. I have to remember daily that *this* is why I am keeping her out of the school system. We have the ability to take our time with our lessons so that in the end she *knows* her lessons. That is what is important!

Trey is doing well with his colors, numbers and letters. His vocabulary grows stronger every day and I know that we are taking the steps needed to lay the ground work down for a K program next year!

Mama is busy as always. Although I’ve not kept up with MY blog I have enjoyed reading $5 Dinners andSmockity Frocks ! Both of these Mamas are awesome! I love the recipes and home organization!  Connie from Smockity Frocks has a great video showing how she homeschools and organizes her family of 10! Yup! 8 children! I love it!!  I hope to one day have a master list as awesome as hers!

And Erin, at $5 Dinners, has the most amazing (and Thrifty!!) recipes!

If you get a chance you *must* check these blogs out! They are now a part of my daily readings and they have inspired me to be a better mom & housewife! =o)



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