How great is OUR God? How great? How GREAT! Is our God!?

Five years ago this month Nick and I filed bankruptcy. Would I recommend bankruptcy to others…? Yes. I  have in the past, but I wouldn’t put myself in a situation where I would need to go through it again. We are 2 short years away from having it off our records and 3 years away from Nicholas graduating, starting his career and us (FINALLY) buying our first house! We came close a few years ago, but when Nick said he wanted to go back to school (in Ohio) buying a house (in Indiana) just didn’t make sense.


This summer we discovered a few blemishes on our credit reports. A few blemishes weren’t ours and a few were things we had no idea even existed! Between the 2 of our reports we had 1 extra bankruptcy (not ours…) that was not DISCHARGED as ours had been 4 years ago, 2 medical bills (one that we thought our insurance had covered and one bill that I knew I had to pay, but never received a bill), and our last error was a ‘delinquent’  bill that was placed in our bankruptcy and the creditor was holding a grudge.

It took all summer long, but with several letters and phone calls (and having to send our medical bill payment TWICE since the 1st one got lost in the mail) we FINALLY have a clean (as it can be) credit report!

So what does this all mean? Why write about it? On Monday we are applying for a Graduate Loan. We’ve applied for a Student Plus loan Nick’s last year of undergrad and the Graduate Loan last year and both times we were denied. As far as we can tell we were denied because our bankruptcy wasn’t out of the ‘clear’ long enough and because of our blemishes.

We also truly believe that we were denied because, even though the extra funds would be nice, we didn’t NEED them.

This year, we have a need. Tuition has increased and Nicholas has to go 4 quarters instead of 3, so our financial aid that didn’t increase (like the tuition) has to get us through a whole year instead of 9 months. Also, because Nick has to go all 4 quarters he can’t work during the summer any more.


The greatest thing with all of this. The coolest thing EVER! Is that even though we have a “need” more than ever, all of our needs are met!

Seriously, on paper when we write out all of our debts and bills we are really SHORT! Like, no money, at all, for December bills. And yet, as we approach November, our bank account has a running (POSITIVE) total that carries us all the way to December 29th!

How great is our God!?

We are asking for prayers as we fill out our Grad Plus Loan paperwork. But, we’re not asking for prayers that our loan be approved. It would be awesome if we were able to secure a little more money to ‘loosen our belt’ for the rest of the year, but we know that He will provide for our needs now and forever! But we are asking that our process goes the way they He needs it too. Even if that means another “no.” this year as well.

Nicholas and I have been through enough in our marriage to know that every closed door is closed for a reason!


Oh my goodness!  In 2005, Nicholas and I saw the best little colonial rental house on a quiet street! It was perfect~a little yard, a garage, 3 bedrooms, a quaint kitchen….it was just us and Grace and Nicholas was making the best money we had even seen in our bank account while working as a car salesman.

We jumped on it! We wanted it! We thought of nothing else but living in that house! I remember the phone call from the management company telling us that our credit wasn’t what they were looking for (we had *just* filed bankruptcy the month prior). Nick and I were crushed and fell to the ground in devastation!  At that moment in our lives NOTHING could have been more worse!

ha ha ha

2 months later the car business was not all that great. Yes, we had great months when people wanted a new car…but when no one wants to buy a new car. Well, those paychecks were hard. There would have been no way we could have afforded the rent on that little house with THOSE pay checks. And a month after that? Well…Nick was offered a job across the river in Indiana ~ all the way up in Starlight! Had we been in that little house, that we wanted so bad, Nicholas would have had an hour and a half commute to work and again to come home!  =o)

He provides for us even when we don’t know that we need it! So, again….I ask you.

How GREAT is our GOD!?



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