Math in a tent

Posted On February 26, 2011

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***Note: I started to write this on Thursday and was interrupted ~ imagine that!)

Last night when I headed out to my Service Meeting for Girl Scouts Nick got the tent from the basement and set it up in our living room.

We’ve been known to do this from time to time. Our own kind of camping done in the middle of winter with popcorn, kool-aid and movies on our t.v! We really know how to ‘ruf’f’ it!

However, when I came home I found 3 kids sleeping on the couches and not curled up in a tent. Instead of putting them back  into the tent for sleeping we decided to carry them to their room, after all, we didn’t want anyone to wake up in the middle of the night and freak out because they didn’t know where they were!

This morning the kids woke up ready and eager to spend the day in their new ‘spot’. It was so much fun to play games in the tent that we decided to do our schoolwork in it!

It was a change of scenery for all of us and one that most traditional students miss out on when they’re at school.

Math in a tent (in the living room) is super fun and my little learners didn’t just count, add, sort and solve for the unknown. Oh no! We made memories that will last a lifetime and will give them stories to tell their own kids about the day they played in a tent and did their school work! ❤


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