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Posted On May 13, 2011

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I’ve been meaning to write for a long LONG time. I kept thinking that I would make a post with our schedule and Accountable Kid boards, but that just hasn’t happened, so I haven’t posted.

I have been keeping track of a few things I wanted to write about on my phone. But, looking over them now I realize that my note taking is lacking….The words, “acting class” really don’t bring to mind any specific story, idea or opinion.

Grace *has* been enjoying an acting class for the last year. I’m really impressed with the class, the instructors and the ‘plays’ that they put on. I contribute the advance in Grace’s reading skills to the class. I feel like she reads along with others to keep up on where they are in the play.

But, what I wanted to blog about SPECIFICALLY isn’t coming across in the words I wrote.

“24 months”  is another little gem I noted in my phone. As I type, that one DID come back to me. The kids and I are working on a ‘chain’ (remember being a child and making chain links out of construction paper?).

The kids and I have been meaning to do this since last week, but because the chain will be displayed in our kitchen (and I have anal retentive tendencies) I don’t want just any construction paper chains lining my wall…so we’re going to hit up Michael’s today for some really nice scrapbook paper that matches the area.

So, why the chain? Nicholas and I started our current journey the month we found out we were pregnant with Trey. July 2006.

By August, we moved out of the house we wanted to buy and he started working 40+ hours while attending Indiana University Southeast. When we started we knew that we had a LONG road ahead of us and at that point we didn’t know *when* he would be accepted into Optometry, *where* he would be accepted and how long it would take us to get to that point. That was *almost* 5 years ago. In 2 more years (24 months) Nicholas will walk in wearing a SEA FOAM GREEN cap and gown and this leg of our journey will be over (okay…aside from having to take some State Boards!).

I get giddy just thinking about it. 24 months!!! Just 24 chains. Each month, on the 4th, we plan on cutting one of the chains and throwing it away…putting it behind us forever. Thanking God for letting us go on this journey together and for all the ways He has blessed us (even though MANY times we didn’t feel like what we were facing were blessings).

I’ve heard the comment “I wouldn’t *want* your life”…and that’s cool. It’s not your life to live. It’s mine. It’s been a rough 5 years (and it’s not over yet) but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

In 24 months:

Grace will be 9 years old.

Trey will be 6 years old.

Nate will be heading towards his 4th Birthday and 2 weeks after that Simon will turn 2 years old.

We’ll be done with Columbus apartment living.

We’ll know for sure where we will be in North Carolina.

Nick and I will be 2 months away from our 11 year anniversary.

We’ll be a 6 months-1 year away from buying our very first home….and not just any home. After waiting 11 years (almost 12) we’ll be VERY picky with what we choose.

It’s all going to happen in the blink of an eye.


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