To Market, to Market….

Posted On July 30, 2011

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The kids will be participating in a ‘Market Day’ with our homeschool group where they can buy and sell items. Of course their minds first went to ‘cookies and lemon-aid’. I will be 9 days postpartum, so, I’m thinking something less ‘mommy involved’ (at least, less ‘kitchen’ involved)!

My thoughts were for them to do a photo booth. We set the camera up on the tri-pod pointed towards the few back drops that I have and they take pictures of their friends!  I thought that we could bring the printer and print copies out right there…..we could even ‘frame’ them with card stock (which would be a handy job for Trey to do ~ glue the picture to card stock!)

I’m still brainstorming on this activity…and I’m wondering what OTHER ideas that we could do that would be creative and yet simple. Something that the kids can do themselves with guidance so that they get the feeling of accomplishment from beginning to end.

Some things that I have thought of:

Yarn dolls

Take home Craft table (SIMPLE craft…bagged up with directions on how to make at home)

Yarn bracelets (Grace has been ‘chaining’ bracelets over the last few days. We all have a few already! I even have a headband!)

Helium Balloons (One ‘tank’ is about $15 and makes over 40 balloons ~ we bought one in May and made balloons for WEEKS! The kids loved them!)

Face painting? I don’t think Trey can do this well, but Grace can make simple shapes on the hand with face paint crayons

‘painted’ rocks…The kids LOVE to paint special rocks that they find. Though not sure how interested other children would be in buying a painted rock! LOL

Lollipop flowers ~ I have a large flower cutter that is like a hole puncher, then they stick a dum dum sucker into the middle and can add a green pipe cleaner to the stick. Trey can cut out the flowers and Grace can do the pipe cleaner, leaving either child to push the sucker through a small opening that can be made with a knitting needle!


Hmmm….I’ve also thought of  ‘wands’ and clippy flowers, but those would be REALLY girly and also involve the use of a hot glue gun, WAY  more parental supervision is required for that project!

Any thoughts?



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