We are…

“It may be a crazy life. But it’s OUR life!”

Welcome to our little family page! I’ve been wanting to create something to keep everyone updated on our journey in life. We are a very busy family!

Nicholas is busy in his first year of Optometry at Ohio State University. He will be Dr. Nicholas M.Taflan II in 2013. Nicholas decided to go back to school in 2005. It hasn’t been an easy road, but it is something that we felt was the best thing for our growing family.

Audrey holds down the fort while Nicholas is busy making a new life for his family. She homeschools Grace and Trey while cooking, cleaning, mending and taking care of baby Nathaniel.

Grace is 5 and is in Kindergarten this year. She knows that she wants to be homeschooled but is really trying to grasp the whole “homeschool” thing. She will often ask about other kids in “real” school. We have conversations daily about the types of schooling that are out there. She is encouraged every week when we go to an ECHO (Explore Columbus Homeschool Organization) meet-up where she is introduced to other homeschooling children her age. She is starting to come around to the idea of  being able to do school at home and play hockey in the middle of the day because she is homeschooled!

Trey is 2. He’s a very determined little guy! I’m using the word DETERMINED lightly. Everyday is a test in Mama’s ability to remain calm and focused. Trey is working on his own preschool work while his sister focuses on Kindergarten. He loves bugs and hates dirt!

Little Squishy (Nater) arrived to us in July. He’s a little squishy bundle of preciousness. He likes to spend his days being cuddled and watching his siblings. Life wouldn’t be life without him rounding out our family tree!



🙂 So that’s us! We hope that you stick around and enjoy a little peek into our daily lives! ❤


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One Response to “We are…”

  1. Olyvia


    Thought I’d check your site out 🙂 I’m going to do my best to post more on my blog this year and will enjoy reading yours! Fun way to learn what’s happening with our Ohio family. Keep posting!

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